A well-crafted Kentucky straight bourbon and well-crafted song have a lot in common.
They need a steady hand, a vision, the right ingredients and someone behind it that truly trusts their spirit.

Let’s raise a glass of our favourite bourbon to a few of our favourite artists.


Trusting your spirit enough to follow it without compromise or apology takes a certain kind of conviction. It's one that understands authenticity is the only way to be. Wild Turkey and the music we love are built upon that conviction — and it’s what Trust Your Spirit is all about.

Wild Turkey Music 101 is about giving a stage to up-and-coming Australian voices, providing a platform to share some of their boldest stories in a celebration of community, music, conviction, and of course, bourbon. Alongside fostering a broader stage for emerging artists through intimate concerts and digital audiences, we’re partnering with some of Australia’s top and emerging industry talent to bring Wild Turkey Music to venues across Australia.

Get behind genuine music with us, sip genuine bourbon, and be inspired to trust your own spirit.




Wild Turkey Bourbon recognises the best place to grow as an artist is either performing on stage or on the road, which is why we’re calling on aspiring artists to apply for our bespoke mentorship program, which offers up-and-coming musicians the chance to learn from some of Australia’s best in a two day music mentorship workshop before playing live on stage as part of an exclusive Wild Turkey Music 101 tour.


Angus and Julia Stone

Together as musicians, producers, and songwriters, Angus and Julia Stone form two halves of a musical act whose words and sounds reveal a pure and genuine love for music and a talent for telling beautiful stories. Stories that have taken them all over the world and back again.

Music has continued to play an essential role in their lives over the years, as they’ve established a prominent career in the international music world. From their origins in childhood, then moving to London just out of school with their first record deal, to two years in LA working with the ineffable Rick Rubin, to Paris, Berlin, Egypt, and New York, to building a studio in the hinterlands of NSW.

Throughout their journey, the duo have consistently regarded their music as a personal discovery and outlet for their thoughts and observations.



Brother-Sister duo Killing Heidi have never gone with the grain. In early years, snaggle-toothed and knotty haired they not only became the antithesis to 90s polished pop, but would become a beacon for female-led rock in a male dominated rock scene in Australia.

But climbing the ladder of success has never been easy for Ella and Jesse. They’ve weathered knock backs big and small. They’ve been laughed away from commercial radio. They’ve even had to prove to troves of Aussie music fans that their authentic, homegrown sound wasn’t manufactured.

But throughout their journey to topping the bill at renowned music festivals, winning awards and being featured on some of Hollywood’s biggest soundtracks, Killing Heidi have remained true to their beliefs – that Trusting Your Spirit and doing things differently is core to long-term success.



Thomas and Jeremy, both parts of Busby Marou never really fit into the traditional music industry mould. They’ve always committed to taking the untrodden path, Trusting their Spirit upon their journey.
When they were approached to record their latest album in shiny, expensive recording studios, they knocked it back. Choosing instead their own sound, embracing recording it in spaces that expressed their story, their way; like villages at Murri Island and regional towns that they hold close to their heart.
It is the bold decisions they make as artists that have led them here. A #1 ARIA album, multiple ARIA nominations, 4x APRA awards and many more accolades later, Busby Marou are the embodiment of doing thing their way, and we respect that.



Matt is renowned as an artist who without hesitation Trusts his Spirit. He chooses his own path and never lets people dictate the music he makes.
Catapulted into Australian zeitgeist through Idol, Matt soon realised the world of processed pop was not ‘him’. He fought to get out of his record deal. He moved to LA, under the promise of something better. But again was forced into a ‘sound’, into writing music that didn’t represent who he wanted to be. So again, Matt walked away. This was twice he was given the ‘easy’ path to success, but it wasn’t his path. So he didn’t take it.

He moved back to Australia to play small venues again. Moved out of the city into nature where he feels at home. Today, Matt makes music for him & his fans, No one else. And that’s something we can get behind.


In 2024 Wild Turkey will partner with venues across Australia to give aspiring music talent a stage to tell their bold stories. The program supports local artists in navigating the live music scene by creating performance opportunities and a platform to share their music with a new audience.

Stay tuned for the 2024 program.